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For Your Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are common places for bug infestation and disease to occur. We can service your trees and shrubs with our insect control programs, disease management, fertilization, and systemic insect control.

What are some common issues with trees and shrubs?

Juniper Scale
Found on arborvitae, chamaecyparis, cypress, juniper, and red cedar..
The scales and crawlers can be moved between hosts by people or animals.

Damage: Leaves will turn dull green or brown. No new growth on infested areas.

Pine Needle Scale
Found on all species of pine and sometimes found on Douglas-fir, spruce, and cedar.
Female is ⅛” long, pear-shaped, white, and waxy. Reddish crawlers.
Mainly a problem on dusty roads and stressed trees.

Damage: Weakens and slows growth. Foliage becomes yellowish. Foliage appears white in heavy infestations.

Oystershell Scale:
Found on over 400 broadleaf trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, and fruit trees.
New infestations are pinkish July-August. Old scales are gray or black.

Damage: Weakens, and if abundant and not controlled, will kill large portions of the plant.

Spruce Bud Scale
Found on spruce
⅛” in diameter. Mature scales are reddish brown and globular.

Damage: Usually found on the lower branches of spruce. The young feed on needles. The adults feed on small branches. It also causes honeydew production which attracts bees, wasps, and ants.

Cottony Maple Scale
Mainly found on maple. Also found on many ornamentals such as alder, dogwood, elm, lilac, poplar, and willow.
Fully developed scale ¼” long and dark.

Damage: Withdrawal of sap. Causes dieback of twigs and branches. Large infestations can cause tree death and can also cause honeydew and sooty mold.

Brown Soft Scale
Found on camellia, dogwood, daphne, holly, greenhouse ornamentals, and houseplants.
⅛”-3/16” in length. Oval shaped and flattened.

Damage: Builds up in large numbers on leaves and could kill the host plant. Produces abundant honeydew.

Pear-shaped, soft-bodied insects. 1/16”-⅛” long.
They can be green, yellow, gray, pink-purple, or even black.
They are found in groups on tender new growth and buds.

Damage: Large populations can stunt plant growth/distort plant growth.

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